Former colonel Alvin Kek from SPH

Former Singapore Armed Force’s military colonel-turned-SMRT Chief Operations Officer Alvin Kek was arrested yesterday morning (Apr 21) for drink-driving. According to state media Straits Times, the 50-year-old former military officer who knows nuts about railway operations were arrested at the Woodlands Checkpoint at 5am.

SMRT COO Alvin Kek was one of the four military cronies brought into become senior executives by outgoing SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek in 2013. Prior to his appointment, the Chief Operations Officer has never worked a day in the private sector or know anything about railway operations.

SMRT is currently in the spotlight for breeding cronyism in Singapore, after the new SMRT CEO, Neo Kian Hong, was also found to be a former army general. According to the fake news published by SMRT, the former chief of defence force was found over 20 profiles in a “global search”.

Alvin Kek is not expected to be jailed as legalised corruption is rampant in Singapore.