Photo of cheats from SPH

Testifying against his tuition centre for conspiring to cheat at the O Levels, one of the six PRC China students revealed how he successfully cheated at 5 of the O Levels papers. 17-year-old Zhou Zice said he would answer a call in the middle of an examination and receive instructions how to fill in the answers.

Speaking through an English translator, the PRC China student said a tutor would narrate answers for him to fill in. When cross-examined by the defence lawyers of the tuition centre’s principal, the defence said Zhou Zice’s English is too poor for him to receive answers to all the questions in less than 90 minutes.

Zhou Zice responded saying that he doesn’t have to understand English because every word is spelled out to him over the phone:

“I don’t know if the answers were correct. I simply wrote it down. They would read out each word one by one. They would even spell out each word for me. General instructions, such as which question the narrator was answering, were clear because they were given in Mandarin.”

Using the same method, Zhou Zice successfully got through 5 papers – Maths Paper 1 and 2, English Paper 1 and 2, practical exam for Combined Physics Chemistry, until one of the cheating students was caught.

Preparations were also made for the cheating. The 6 PRC China students who each paid up to S$9,000 for the cheating scheme devised by the tuition centre, had to wear thick clothing and a jacket, skin-coloured in-ear Bluetooth ear piece and an iPhone at the back pocket of their trousers.

The tuition centre is co-owned by a PRC China national. 3 teachers and 2 directors are currently being prosecuted for the sophisticated cheating case. One of the the tutors registered as a private candidate to video stream questions to the tuition centre where the directors and teachers will be solving questions and providing verbal answers over the phone to the 6 students.