Screenshot of Lim Swee Say from Facebook video

Buttering up to retiring Minister Lim Swee Say who was asked to leave Cabinet, Minister Josephine Teo called him “one-in-a-billion”:

“I admire his boldness and experience in labour issues. Mr Lim is a one-in-a-billion minister, having garnered much experience through his work in the Labour Movement all these years… We have always worked well and harmoniously together. I think the current working arrangement is still a great one.”

Under Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say, Singapore saw the highest unemployment rate in a decade, last year at 3.5%. Wages also stagnated under his term, and Minister Lim Swee Say was also held to task for publishing fake income statistics to cover up his underperformance in national wages. Minister Lim Swee Say is also notorious for his substandard English and his penchant for coining Singlish slogans like “cheaper, better, faster” and “better, betterer and betterest”, with many questioning whether if he is qualified to be a Minister. Minister Lim Swee Say is also known to be melodramatic in Parliament and had cried several times to gain sympathy.

“If you’re the best today, strive to be better. If you’re better today, strive to be ‘betterer‘ and if you’re ‘betterer‘ today, strive to be ‘betterest’ so that over time, Singapore’s service standards can just keep getting better, ‘betterer‘ and ‘betterest’.” – Minister Lim Swee Say 2014

When questioned whether if Minister Josephine Teo is interested in the Manpower Minister portfolio, the Minister of State praised herself saying that she has been “involved with manpower for a long time”:

“I have been involved in the labour movement for a longer time, compared with work in her role as Second Minister for Home Affairs and a minister in the Prime Minister’s Office. Of course, when it comes to MOM, I have a much longer engagement because I did spend quite a number of years in the labour movement.”

The airhead Minister then said she would address many manpower issues:

“Will we get better jobs? Will we be able to earn higher incomes? Will we find a workforce that is more inclusive? And will we find workplaces that are more progressive? Will we have security in retirement? I think those are the areas that people will be most interested in, and of course, we will want to articulate how we hope to be able to achieve this.”