Photo from HWZ forum

Emboldened by the police’s inaction, the unrepentant BMW driver who made an elderly pump attendant pay for his S$135 petrol bill today (Apr 17) told Chinese papers Lian He Wan Bao that he will sue the lady who exposed him for defamation.

The lady by the name of Kelly Yeo, posted photos of the driver’s back and his car on Caltex Singapore’s Facebook page, and an account of the incident she witnessed. Kelly Yeo has since been frightened by the BMW driver, identified as Freddy Foong and had taken down her post on Facebook.

Defamation lawsuits is the ruling party PAP’s favourite legal weapon to silence criticisms.

Some Singaporeans have also pointed out that they have witnessed Freddy Foong repeating the same “S$10 full tank” cheating tactic in other petrol stations. The Singapore Police is apparently unaware of this discovery and did not mention it in their press release. The police said the case is closed and no offence is found.

Freddy Foong also declared that he had lodged a police report after he received nuisance calls and messages on his business mobile.