Photo of Lee Bee Wah crying from Facebook

PAP MP Lee Bee Wah fired at local news site TheOnlineCitizen (TOC) calling it a “fake news” and denied giving any order to switch off the lights at Yishun stadium:

“Some residents had asked me about an article by The Online Citizen (TOC) which alleged that I had ordered the floodlights in Yishun Stadium to be turned off after other residents had complained about the glare. This is not true. I gave no such instructions, and I do not even run ActiveSG or the Stadium! I did my checks and Warriors FC had posted on Tuesday on this matter. I have also requested ActiveSG to check on this matter. Despite the Warriors FC post, TOC went ahead to post a falsehood. Unfortunately, this is the danger of online falsehoods now.”

TOC however disputed the credibility of the PAP MP, and pointed out that Lee Bee Wah’s account contradict with the official report filed by the match commissioner:

“Although Warriors FC posted on its Facebook page that the match was suspended due to floodlight failure, Warriors general manager Paul Poh subsequently clarified in a comment on TOC that the lights were turned off automatically at 9pm.

He pointed out that there was no MP at the stadium who gave the instruction to turn off the lights and sum it up as a technical error from SportsSG to have accepted the match bookings till 10pm.

Mr Poh also wrote that it was a mistake for FAS to schedule a match at this stadium since it has been a while that the lights are turned off automatically at 9pm.

TOC understands that the Yishun stadium centre manager had informed the match commissioner of the Tuesday match that there were instructions by the Member of Parliament that the lights are to be turned off at 9pm. This was reflected in the report filed by the match commissioner to the Football Association of Singapore.”

PAP MP Lee Bee Wah has previously lied about her involvement with a corporation getting HDB contract works in her constituency Yishun, where she was formerly listed as a managing director.

The ex-Malaysian PAP MP is also known for her dramatic story-telling and wailing antics in Parliament, and her lack of English fluency.