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Instead of having the police called on him, the cheapskate BMW driver who forced an elderly attendant to pay his S$135 petrol bill now filed a police report instead.

Ruling in favour of the BMW driver, the Singapore Police claimed that they have investigated the matter and “found no offence”. It is not revealed if the Singapore Police interviewed the pump attendant or even launched a full investigation:

“We have looked into the matter and established that no offence was disclosed. It was a case of miscommunication between the pump attendant and the vehicle owner on the amount of petrol to be pumped. We have verified that the vehicle owner was due to trade in his vehicle on the same day, and would not require more than necessary fuel. Both parties have been advised to settle the matter amicably.”

The unidentified BMW driver claimed that his identity has been revealed online and told state media Straits Times that he kept receiving nuisance calls and messages. The BMW even pushed the blame to the attendant:

“The pump attendant had heard me saying “full tank”, which I had told him only “10 dollars”. The pump attendant then raised his voice and told the cashier to tell me to pay $10 and he will pay the remaining amount. I left the place after making payment and went to an automotive trader to trade in his vehicle on Saturday… After reading some of the comments on the Facebook post, I decided to lodge a report as I am afraid that these people will come to my house. The reason I top up only $10 for my petrol is because I am going to trade in my car.”

Caltex Singapore defended the BMW driver and called for the public to not take any personal or group actions against the BMW driver.