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A PRC China national’s tuition centre in Singapore is caught for offering a S$9,000 “cheating package” to help PRC Chinese national students pass their O Levels English exams. On 24 Oct 2016, one of the six PRC national students, Chen Yi, from Tampines Secondary School was called out for body check when an invigilator heard unusual noises. On Chen Yi’s body was a mobile phone and a skin-colour Bluetooth ear piece.

The Singapore exam invigilators then had a shock when they realise that the PRC student was receiving live instructions and answers from his private tutor, who enrolled herself as a private student. The private tutor, Tan Jia Yan, had an iPhone hidden in front of her chest beneath a jacket and provide exam questions via video conference Facetime. The other end of the conference call would be the tuition centre’s principals and two other teachers – Zeus’s Education Centre’s principles Pony Poh Yuan Nie, Dong Xin and teachers Feng Ri Wen and Fiona Poh Min – who would in-turn give the answers to the students via phone call.

5 other PRC national students were subsequently caught after police investigations. The 6 PRC students had successfully cheated in O Levels Maths, Chemistry, Physics and English between 19 Oct 2016 to 24 Oct 2016.

Singaporean tutor Tan Jia Yan has pleaded guilty on the first day of trial. The other Chinese nationals are however unrepentant and wanted to challenge the prosecution. The girlfriend of Pony Poh Yuan Nie, Wong Mee Keow, is also charged for lying to the police ten years ago in 2006, where the couple was also involved in another exam cheating case.

State media covered up the photos of the Chinese nationals.