Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from Facebook

According to a propaganda survey done by YouGov, Lee Hsien Loong is the most respected Singaporean in Singapore. There is no detail of the number and profile surveyed in Singapore except to give Lee Hsien Loong a ranking 8th out 10 rich people.

The top 10 most admired person in the poll are as follow: Barack Obama (12.70 per cent), Bill Gates (7.6%), Jack Ma (6.20%), Jackie Chan (6%), Mark Zuckerberg (5%), Warren Buffett (4.90%), Keanu Reeves (4.40%), Lee Hsien Loong (4.10%), Jay Chou (4.10%) and David Beckham (3.90%).

151st-ranking state media Straits Times picked up the dubious survey from UK and featured it in it’s headlines to shore up the popularity of Lee Hsien Loong.

Lee Hsien Loong has never been popular in Singapore, even among party supporters. There have been increasing calls for Lee Hsien Loong to step down by 2020’s general election but the dictator Prime Minister refused. Lee Hsien Loong’s reputation is largely hinged on his father’s legacy, but his government policies have been hugely unpopular. Among the greatest opposed is the 6.9 million population, raising of GST from 5% to 9%, multiple tax increases, public transport and CPF retirement policies.