Photo of Johor Singapore custom from sgmytaxi

In yet another government policy to raise taxes, vehicle inspection fees have been raised 10% from S$64.20 to S$70.62. The National Environment Agency (NEA) claimed that the increase in taxes is to cover costs for “additional tests”, but did not give a breakdown contributing to the additional S$6.42.

The tax increase was effected immediately from April 1, but according to state media Straits Times, the passing rate of the vehicles tested remains at 99%. NEA deflected criticisms that the tests are unnecessary despite glaring statistics:

“The tightened in-use emission standards came into effect on April 1. As the standards have only taken effect for a few days, we do not have sufficient data that reflects the first-time passing rate of vehicles under the tightened standards yet.”

A motorist who just sent his vehicle for the new test commented that the test now takes 5 minutes longer per vehicle, or about an hour longer when there is the usual queue of 10 vehicles. The motorist told state media that the new tests are useless and that the report generated are not detailed:

“I do not see any value as a consumer unless he gets a detailed report on his car’s carbon monoxide or hydrocarbons readings. Right now, it’s just a pass or fail, and I don’t know whether I need to do anything to improve the readings.”