Photo of Lee Hsien Loong and Ho Ching from CNA

After being slapped into shape at the Terrex vehicles saga, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong now suck up to China criticising the United States for not complying with trade rules. Praising China as “careful and calibrated”, Lee Hsien Loong:

“Singapore does not believe that unilateral tariffs is the correct solution as they are not compliant with the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) rules…China has responded to United States’ trade salvos accordingly and is careful and calibrated…China’s role in the international economy is now larger, and this has shifted the overall strategic balance.”

Lee Hsien Loong then started issuing threats about a world war breaking out from the US-China trade tariffs:

“If the disputes escalate and destabilises US-China relations, the consequences for the world could be catastrophic. For what is ultimately at stake is war and peace, the security and stability of the world…It is vital that China does so now, at this testing moment in international relations. I am confident that China will handle this challenge well, safeguard its own interests, and keep the global system open and inclusive.”

In other news, Lee Hsien Loong’s wife, Ho Ching, embarrassed herself at the meeting with China. Wearing a flashy pink pants and a flowery top, Ho Ching drew criticisms again for her dress code at the high level ministerial meeting. The Temasek Holdings CEO paled disgracefully in contrast with the China’s missus, who wore an indignant-looking formal dress. Ho Ching was previously seen wearing sandals at a state visit to United States last year.