Photo of Gao Ning from Commonwealth Games

In an unusual display of patriotism, Singaporeans are cheering Singapore’s losses in the table tennis team.

Singapore’s exorbitant table tennis mercenaries bought from China saw crushing defeat in the Commonwealth Games. The men table tennis team were wiped out in Australia yesterday (Apr 10), losing to India and England’s local-born talents. Gao Ning, Pang Xue Jie and Ethan Poh were sent packing home after losing rounds in both the single and double matches.

The women team of Feng Tian Wei, Yu Meng Yu and Zhou Yi Han lost to India, taking home only a silver – the first time since they always dominated the games winning Gold.

This is also the first time Singapore did not win a single medal in men’s table tennis in the Commonwealth. The China mercenaries were bought in late 2000s, under a foreign talent policy and they were all given full sponsorship along with fast-tracked citizenship.

Singaporeans at home are however rejoicing over the losses of the table tennis team due to the foreigners-made-citizens immigration policy. Many have long opposed the government’s policy of buying China players to win medals, which they feel is cheating and a national disgrace. In recent years, even though some of the mercenaries won medals, there was hardly any celebration. The only ones celebrating are government supporters, and like communists, expressing their fervent support for any government policy.