Photo of Shanmugam and Dr Thum

Singapore’s Select Committee on fake news has ironically published inaccurate summaries of witnesses and had to make amendments yesterday (Apr 10). At least 5 witnesses who attended the public hearing lodged a complaint last week, lambasting the PAP committee for misrepresenting their positions expressed during the attendance in person.

A total of 13 amendments were made to 5 summaries but the Select Committee did not apologise for their error. The committee also particularly addressed a freelance journalist, Kirsten Han, dismissing her 6 other amendment requests. The journalist who opposed censorship regulations said she continues to disagree with the summary even after it is amended:

“While I am glad to hear that corrections will be made to the summary to better represent the views that I have conveyed, I would like to state for the record that I disagree that the summary was accurate. I continue to dispute the accuracy of these two points in particular…”

The 5 witnesses all took the position of being against the greater censorship laws, which naturally led to the dissatisfaction of the ruling party committee. The Select Committee was created as a publicity stunt to make pretend the authoritarian dictatorship as a consultative democracy. Law Minister K Shanmugam first proposed more censorship laws and then sit himself in the committee, and led the other 9 puppet members to conclude censorship is necessary.