Screenshot from Ricemedia website

In a propaganda support to government’s failed campaign SGSecure, state media Ricemedia launched an attack on low-paying security guards, claiming that the elderly Singaporean and Malaysian guards are sleeping on their job.

State media reporter Benjamin Lim roamed the industrial areas of Tai Seng and Ubi over two nights and claimed that he found 3 out of 15 security guards sleeping on the job. Equating himself to Tom Cruise in the Mission Impossible movie, the former Straits Times apprentice even took photos of security guards sleeping, and dismissed them as lazy and incompetent:

“Each guard may don a uniform, but they’re shielded from any responsibility by the four walls that enshroud them. Some are deliberately oblivious to their surroundings, preferring to shut their eyelids than keep their eyes peeled.”

The article has apparently caught the attention of some of the industrial building’s owners, and disciplinary actions are currently underway for those who were caught by Benjamin’s sneaky camera shots.