Today Newspaper no longer in circulation

Remember Law Minister K Shanmugam lambasting Facebook at the public hearing over the breach of user data to Cambridge Analytica, which contributed to Donald Trump’s election in the US? The fact is the PAP dictatorship is similarly employing data research companies like Cambridge Analytica for disinformation campaigns.

Fake news, unverified surveys and disinformation campaigns to support government policies. The Singapore government have engaged a number of private sector marketers to sell it’s policies, especially the unpopular ones like GST tax increase.

The marketers range from cheap-by-the-dozens “social media influencers” on Instagram to online trolls like the PAP Internet Brigade. Then, there are big-budget organisations like Blackbox Research and government education institutes like Lee Kuan Yew’s Institute of Policy Policies generating “independent” surveys to sway public sentiments.

Blackbox Research in recent years have published a number of local surveys, clearly with a political agenda. Styled as an “independent” research consultancy, the Singapore office was clearly on government’s payroll to churn out survey results convenient to the government’s political agenda of the day.

The modus operandi was simply to publish a survey result favourable to the PAP’s political message of the day. 151st-ranking state media will then pick up selective details of the survey to deliver the complete propaganda supply chain.

Take for example the recent Blackbox Research’s surveyon Grab’s acquisition of Uber Singapore, which was published a few days right after the Competition Commission of Singapore’s threat to fine 10% of Grab’s revenue. State media TodayOnline spin the survey with a propaganda title:

“Most commuters think Grab-Uber merger should be reviewed or rejected”

Does Singaporean commuters really think a commercial deal between Grab and Uber “should be rejected”? It is clear that today’s propaganda is of such sophistry coordinated by 3 entities on the same taxpayers payroll: the government, Blackbox Research and TodayOnline.

Here are some survey titles published by Blackbox Research, and you can decide for yourself if this is conspiracy theory fake news, or real news:

3rd April 2017, right after Law Minister K Shanmugam called States Time Review a “fake news…
Blackbox Research: 3rd May 2017 – Fake News Also a Growing Worry in Singapore

2017, 38 Oxley road demolition
Blackbox Research: PM Lee’s siblings need to show more proof of allegations, say 4 in 10 Singaporeans

2018, GST increase (floating balloons referred by WP MP Sylvia Lim)
Blackbox Research: 26th Dec 2017 – Pre-Budget Speculation: Will We See Tax Hikes?

4th Feb 2018, right after a High Court judge slammed PAP MP Lam Pin Ming’s letter as “misrepresenting facts”
Blackbox Research: 29th March 2018 – Singaporeans Ambivalent About MPs Writing Appeal Letters

Political interference by foreign and private entities are very real in Singapore, however in contrast to what the PAP government claimed, these foreign influences are working in favour for the PAP instead of against them. The Singapore opposition are mostly under-resourced, with barely enough budget to even hire election helpers to put campaign posters. This is however not the case in the PAP camp where million-dollar salary Ministers and S$16,000/month MPs bring forth to the elections. A good example would be President Halimah Yacob, who didn’t even have a contest, already spent S$220,000 in campaign costs.

Fake news is real, and the PAP is the one fabricating them.