Photo of Tan Chuan Jin from Facebook

With no medical background or even a day of private sector experience, part-time PAP MP and Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan Jin was appointed to be the Chairman of government-linked corporation, Healthway Medical, through cronyism. The legalised corruption should see Tan Chuan Jin getting back his million-dollar ministerial salary along with his Chairman appointment at another government-linked corporation, Mandai Parks Holdings in Dec last year.

The useless former army general was demoted from his Minister position, and forced to take up the Speaker of Parliament position at half the salary at S$550,000 a year. Following his demotion, Tan Chuan Jin was also ruled out of becoming the next Prime Minister. The unpopular military crony of Lee Hsien Loong in recent years have a number of shoes in his mouth moments, with his notorious comment claiming that elderly cardboard collectors are doing to “exercise”.

Tan Chuan Jin was told to take over as Speaker of Parliament last year, after his Indian predecessor Halimah Yacob was told to become the next Malay President. Using legalised corrupted methods and his committee, Lee Hsien Loong turned Halimah Yacob into a Malay and helped her win through a walkover without any electoral contest.

Cronyism is a common practice in Singapore, that sees army generals taking up CEO positions of government-linked companies. Unfortunately, these military men lack real world experience and often led their companies into massive losses. Former army general Ng Yat Chung lost the country’s national shipping line, Neptune Orient Line, after running it into years of losses. Ng Yat Chung now heads Singapore Press Holdings, which is seeing declining readership and mounting losses. SMRT’s CEO is former chief of defence force Desmond Kuek, who drove the company into losses that SMRT ended up being nationalised.