Photo of SPH papers from Yahoo Singapore

In yet another move to sow discord and sabotage the Workers’ Party, government state media Straits Times quoted 3 anonymous “cadres” criticising WP MP Chen Show Mao. The Straits Times quoted an anonymous cadre claiming that Chen Show Mao is not contesting for the secretary general post because he knows he has “no chance”:

“A third cadre said another factor – which boils down to simple arithmetic – is at play. This faction is dwindling, due to deaths and switches in allegiance. Meanwhile, some 30 new cadres were brought in into the party recently. He said: “Mr Chen knows himself that he has no chance. If he decides to run, we will still support him, but Pritam is still the favourite to win.”

Straits Times then published an unverified news claiming that WP MP Chen Show Mao organised a meeting with cadres asking them to support Pritam Singh:

“The Straits Times understands that Mr Chen held a meeting with his core group of supporters, numbering about 30, two Saturdays ago…During the “get-together” with the group, which had backed him in his previous challenge to WP chief Low Thia Khiang for the position, Mr Chen told them he does not intend to contest the position…On March 24, he met them at a McDonalds’ outlet in Bendemeer at their invitation. For two hours, he addressed their questions including on his intentions on Sunday.”

Several cadres which Straits Times alleged were present at the meeting, along with WP MP Chen Show Mao, told the Straits Times that there was no such meeting.

Singapore’s state media is ranked 151st in the world for press freedom. Straits Times is Singapore’s leading source of fake news, and it often publish government propaganda or rumours to slander government critics or the opposition.