Nomination Day crowd of Lee Hsien Loong's supporters

According to a government poll conducted by REACH, half of the 1,211 Singaporeans surveyed over the phone said that they support paying more for tax increases like Carbon Tax and the GST. The government propaganda unit said that 51% support paying more taxes in this year’s Budget.

REACH reported that only 53% of the surveys conducted face-to-face are concerned about the GST increase, and the rest are happy to pay. The government unit also reported that 49% agreed that tax increases are “reasonable”.

You may read the full REACH report here.

The chairman of REACH, former PAP MP Sam Tan, said that his poll found that Singaporeans “largely welcome” the Budget and claimed that Singaporeans believe the Budget will “build a more inclusive society where no one is left behind”.

There is however no revelation on the questioning methods and the profiles of the survey respondents. It is public knowledge that REACH approach only pro-ruling party supporters for feedback, hence the results are often usually one-sided.

The government propaganda unit has earlier also conducted a poll saying that Singaporeans are supportive of new censorship laws.