Screenshot of Shanmugam from Facebook video

Several witnesses who presented themselves in the public hearings have complained how the government’s Select Committee have misrepresented their views. Freelance journalist Kirsten Han detailed her complaint in an official email complaint reproduced on her blog:

“I was horrified to see my views so drastically misrepresented within the Summary of Evidence. I reproduce the summary (in italics) — without the offensive image that was published within it — with my responses below in bold.”

Another witness, Jolovan Wham, complained about Select Committee member, PAP MP Edwin Chong:

“I did not say that there was no evidence of online falsehoods. I said there was no empirical evidence that online falsehoods have a significant impact on Singapore society.”

Local human rights group, Maruah, also lodged a complaint criticising the Select Committee, especially referring to Law Minister K Shanmugam, of being “disrespectful, patronising and discriminating”:

“We express our dissatisfaction at the modus operandi and the approach that the committee took on when it came to the hearings from some civil society actors, online media practitioners, technology providers, academics. There were instances of aggression and a confrontational stance that underpinned the approach taken for these witnesses.”