Screenshot of Shanmugam from Facebook video

Dear Select Committee,

It is with regret that our submission has been deemed unworthy of the fake public hearing you have conducted.
States Times Review would hereby, for the second time, express our interest in attending the Select Committee’s public hearing. Considering that you have extended your generosity to Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Reporters Without Borders (RSF), the Select Committee is apparently at a liberty to accommodate my contribution to the discourse.
As the sole target of the entire “Deliberate Falsehoods” debacle, the PAP Select Committee would benefit more from States Times Review feedback than any other local websites or organisations living under the dictatorship’s threat of prosecution.
Let’s be frank here: States Times Review is the target of your government’s disinformation and “fake news” campaign because it is operating out of your corrupted playground.
In addition, as a former editor of The Real Singapore and Temasek Review – both sites that were forced to shut down by the dictatorship – it is only natural my input to the discussion would bring more weight than the witnesses or fake experts you have interviewed.
The Select Committee is currently ridiculed as an opera house with the sole purpose of drawing positive responses for a pre-determined outcome. This is unconvincing to the public, which is probably going to swing to my advantage dealing another blow to your battered credibility.
This is States Times Review’s second invite to the committee, and any serious minded Committee would have considered hearing out the genuine concerns of a Singaporean citizen. Unless of course, the Select Committee is just yet another farcical process giving the pretence of due process in the dictatorship.
Then again, it is also logical that a fake committee would avoid inviting criticisms, especially a scathing one from a real independent news site. Your non-response or rejection would not be a surprise because your fake committee is just a farce as the majority believe.
A video conference of any day or time is good, it will be broadcast live on Facebook.
I respectfully await your response.
Alex Tan Zhi Xiang
States Times Review Editor
Sydney Australia