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From August 2018 onward, Singapore teachers who park their cars in the school compound will have to pay up to S$100 a month for a season parking ticket. At sheltered carparks, the total amount paid for a year would amount to at least S$960 a year according to state media estimates.

The move will see the Ministry of Education (MOE) make about S$12 million a year from about 33,000 teachers at over 360 primary, secondary schools and junior colleges.

The MOE defend their money-making scheme claiming that this is “clean wage”:

“The introduction of carpark rates, imposed in line with the Public Service Division’s “clean wage” policy, which stipulates that salaries are fully accounted for, with no hidden perks and privileges…It has become increasingly clear that the current treatment of allowing school staff to park for free constitutes a taxable benefit, as the vast majority of school carparks are located near chargeable carparks and the carparks are intended for the use of staff and authorised visitors, with no access given to the general public.”

The Public Service Division even went further to extend their “no free parking” rule on MOE officers in non-government schools, saying that they have to pay taxes for getting free parking:

“The Public Service Division had indicated that MOE officers in non-government schools who get free or below market-rate parking would be considered to have received an employee subsidy.”