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In-line with the Singapore government’s effort to fake news, States Times Review will now ban pro-government comments and users. Links to fake news sites like Straits Times, CNA or Mothership will be banned.

STR is acutely aware of the danger of increasing sophisticated government-paid trolls, who are out to disrupt discussions and distract readers. The website will now also extend a ban on anyone who digress out of the article topic.

STR is a community partner of Facebook and Google, and as such all policies of Facebook and Google shall apply. This means that fake profiles and impersonated profiles will result in an automatic ban without explanation.

The Australian-based website require all commentators to obey Australian laws when commenting on STR Facebook page and STR website. This means comments with expressed or subtle discrimination against sexual orientation, religion, political beliefs – whether intended or not – will be banned.

Singapore censorship laws will not apply, and comments infringing Singapore’s Sedition Act, Protection from Harassment, defamation laws, election’s Cooling Off Day, Communication Stop Order or any Singapore legislation will not be recognised.

Should STR Facebook page be shut down by a Singapore court order, an Australian court order will be obtained to enable it.

Alex Tan
STR Editor