Screenshot of propaganda video from SMRT

Singaporean commuters are demanding, unreasonable and lack empathy.

Frustrated with increasing complaints from commuters over unreliable train services, state-owned transport operator SMRT hit back with a propaganda drama video on Facebook demonising Singaporeans.

(To readers who are disgusted at gruelling propaganda, I have gone through the process and summarised it below)

The video featured a train service technician who was recalled back to work on a train breakdown while on his way to pick up his daughter from the childcare centre. In the poorly-scripted drama, the technician called his mother to fetch his daughter and the elderly mother fell and hurt her knees. The technician was then seen taking a rest after his work and called his mother after receiving 8 missed calls, only to hear that his mother missed his daughter at the childcare centre. The technician was worried and he was approached by commuters who scolded him over the train delay. The video clip ended with the the family reunited and, in typical propaganda fashion, came the SMRT logo.

The SMRT video is however filled with falsehoods and factual inconsistencies:

1) A parent who would be late to pick up his daughter would first make a call to the childcare center informing them.
2) Technicians take service passageways and they would never be at the platform with scores of commuters. Even if they wandered onto the train platform nobody would confront them for service status.

3) The childcare centre would never allow a child to leave the premise without an adult supervision.

The propaganda video comes as no surprise in the dictatorship as the Singapore state media is ranked 151st in the world for credibility.

See video clip here: