Screenshot of Shanmugam from Facebook video

Angered by Facebook executive’s opposition to new censorship laws, Law Minister K Shanmugam outright claimed that he is the legislation and court order

“If falsehood is defined as illegal, then you will be prepared to comply with the court order. Of course courts can only based on legislation. You realise that. Heheh I did say many times that you are a very smart person. Now. Do you not realise then that the natural and logical conclusion…means that if the state wants the falsehood to be taken down, that can only be done through legislation.”

Facebook executive Simon Milner reminded the Law Minister that nobody is an arbiter of truth and it is impossible to operate such that everything posted on social media is the truth.

The policy chief of Asia Pacific has earlier told Minister K Shanmugam that an online rumour, which has not been proven fake yet, may also turn out to be true. Simon Milner also criticised the Minister for trying to lead him into a “yes-no” answer, and pointed out that it is unfair and that some of the Minister’s explanation is “narrowing” him into a corner.