Photo of elderly from Facebook

In a generous marketing effort to enter Singapore’s market, Australian telecommunication company TPG has offered free 2-year mobile phone plans to Singaporean elderly aged 65 and above. In yesterday’s announcement, elderly Singaporeans who applied for TPG will receive a SIM card with 3GB data and unlimited calls to local mobile number.

TPG won the fourth telco license in Dec 2016, becoming the first non-Temasek Holdings telecommunication company in Singapore. TPG’s executive chairman Australian David Teoh said he wants to help the Singaporean elderly:

“We have chosen to focus on assisting senior citizens as our first initiative to demonstrate our commitment in improving what is available for the community.”

Singtel, M1 and Starhub has never once offered free services to the elderly in Singapore, who are often poor and struggling with the cost of living in Singapore.

TPG’s 4G services will be ready from June 2018 onward.