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All three Singapore’s phone companies are guilty of charging their mobile subscribers extras for “premium services” they did not sign up for, prompting floods of complains against the three government-owned phone companies.

According to state media reports, the three companies apparently share phone numbers of their customers to third party service providers for a fee. Customers were then made to pay recurring Premium Rate Services (PRS) every month. A victim received a SMS from one of the third party service providers and get charged S$11.99 for “premium services” he did not subscribe for.

Many victims had a shock when they saw the extra charges in their telephone bill, and they had to go through the gruelling process to call the three telcos to waive the fees.

Singtel told state media Straits Times that they will “introduce more safeguards” including getting users to confirm via SMS of the purchase:

“Following our customers’ feedback and to further prevent accidental subscriptions, we will introduce additional measures such as SMS One-Time-Password confirmation as an additional form of authentication by the customer before content can be purchased.”

The authority Info-comm Media Development Authority said that there is a code of conduct for the third-party service providers, but the government did not enforce it into a law.