Photo of St Patricks Day celebration in Singapore from Facebook

A “secular Christian” event?

The ignorant Singapore Police created the new term in their approval of a public procession celebrating the Christian St Patrick’s Day:

“We have granted a permit for a St Patrick’s Day procession on Sunday — without any restrictions on the playing of musical instruments — on the basis that the festival is celebrated in Singapore as a secular, cultural event. Organisers also have to comply with the condition that there should be no religious elements or paraphernalia displayed or used at the event, (even though) the decision had been questioned by some who noted that the event has religious roots. The St Patrick’s Day Parade will take place from 3pm to 5pm on Sunday, along a 300m stretch of pedestrian walkways in Boat Quay. There will be no road or lane closures. The St Patrick’s Day Street Festival and Parade are cultural celebrations organised by the Irish community in Singapore and Singapore River One, a not-for-profit organisation, working to increase the vibrancy of the Singapore River precinct.”

Defending the Irish Christian event which is not part of the 4 main races in Singapore, the Singapore Police referenced it to the multi-cultural Chingay and Ustav parades which celebrates the New Year instead of a religious martyr.

“The parade is a cultural procession with no restrictions on the playing of musical instruments, “similar to the Chingay Parade and Utsav Street Parade”

The police permission contradicted with the banning of Indian’s festival Thaipusam’s playing of musical instruments. The government-backed Hindu Endowments Board endorsed the ban and even disrupted a group celebrating Thaipusam.