Screenshot from Airbnb Singapore

A China national by the Airbnb host name of Xiao Han found a loophole to rent out her condominium at Carribean@Keppel Bay, with the Singapore Police not taking actions. In a message sent to her kiwi Airbnb renters, she said she has been renting out by asking renters to pose as “friends”:

“In Singapore, the Government don’t allow our rent the unit to the tourist, but can give it to our friends and relative to live … kindly tell them that you live in the friend’s home instead.”

The New Zealand family of four were disallowed to enter the condominium by the security guard, and only found out that Airbnb leasing is actually illegal in Singapore after waiting for more than an hour at the condo pool with their luggage.

When state media reporters from Straits Times called Xiao Han on her China-registered mobile phone, the China national said she would not comment and stopped picking up her phone.

According to a China property forum, China nationals can also use another loophole to rent out their Singapore properties to tourists by making them sign for a no-penalty break rental bond. Tourists will sign up for a 3 month rental contract, as mandated by Singapore laws, and then also sign for a termination clause at no extra cost.