Look at how serious he is

Sharing a video of WP MP Sylvia Lim, former PAP leader Dr Tan Cheng Bock said that the opposition MP was simply echoing the principles of Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. Quoting the former PM, Dr Tan Cheng Bock wrote:

“All MPs new and old, should speak out. You have to speak up and bring out the grapevine criticism in the coffee shops and hawker centres. It is damaging for the government not to openly refute it with facts and argument. By bringing up apparently embarrassing issues, you help the government openly state the facts and explain the reasons for our policies and so continue to hold the ground.”

Singling out Law Minister K Shanmugam for intimidation, Dr Tan Cheng Bock added that the young Ministers should appreciate MP Sylvia Lim’s question as it gives them an opportunity to explain. The former PAP leader called for the Ministers to be gracious and not over-react:

“Having watched the video on the GST debate, I felt the PAP ministers especially Shanmugam were brow beating MP Sylvia Lim by demanding an apology for asking whether the government postponed the GST hike because of negative public feedback. Many people perceive this brow beating as arrogance. I remember our former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew once told all PAP MPs in 1988 “Any show of arrogance or indifference by any MP or Minister will erode confidence in him and, later, in the government.” Instead of getting upset, the Ministers should be thankful Sylvia Lim gave them an opportunity to explain. If the government’s position is ‘no’ then just say no and let’s just stop at that. No need to get defensive… So be gracious, no need to over-react or ask for any apology for bringing out “grapevine criticism” or “apparently embarrassing issues” in Parliament.”