Photo of Ho Ching from Facebook

After 14 years as Temasek Holdings CEO, the wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is still going on strong with no successor in sight. The infallible woman who lost tens of billions of the country’s national reserves and CPF money, is one of the two chief culprits – the other being Lee Hsien Loong as Chairman of GIC – behind CPF’s pathetic 2.5% interest rate.

Little is known about Ho Ching, except from the fact that her son Li Hongyi is currently being groomed as the next Prime Minister. However, Ho Ching has a public Facebook profile and a look at her Facebook posts is probably why Singaporeans are worried they can never get to withdraw their CPF money.

Ho Ching have a habit of sharing tens of articles in less than half an hour – as if she have superhuman comprehension over any topic beyond speed reading abilities.

Just today at 5pm, Ho Ching shared 26 articles in less than half an hour:

10 March 2018: “6 signs your personality is so strong it’s intimidating”
10 March 2018: “Revolving dining room in Emperor Nero’s luxurious palace really existed”
10 March 2018: “Moving video on 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami”
10 March 2018: “Cow fart are an even bigger problem than we thought”
10 March 2018: “Vacation spots run over by feral chickens”
10 March 2018″ “Sleek $250 earbuds – something out of Star Trek”
10 March 2018: “Why is your vision blurry?”
10 March 2018: “Half degree more global warming flood 5 million more people”
10 March 2018: “Google’s 72-qubit processor could help quantumn computing go mainstream”
10 March 2018: “Exercise an antidote for ageing”
and more…

A look at her past posts show that Ho Ching shares all kinds of articles, from wildlife to conspiracy theories. One thing in common among her posts is that she spammed them all within an hour on her Facebook page. Normal people don’t do that. Perhaps to quote Lee Hsien Loong:

“Satisfied people don’t have time to go onto the Internet. Unhappy people often go there.”

The spamming behaviour is common to narcissists, who often flung wealth and physical appearance. Obviously lacking in the appearance department, the transgender-looking wife of Lee Hsien Loong has a lot of money which she can’t flaunt without costing her husband 10,000 votes. Henceforth, in Ho Ching’s case, she is trying to impress the public that she is well-read, open-minded, well-travelled and smart. This actually reveals her inner fear: Ho Ching is afraid of being perceived as ignorant and stupid, which is why she is making up her shortfall in IQ without witty quotes and articles on Facebook.

A deeper analysis in her Facebook posts revealed that Ho Ching is insecure and craves attention. A good stroll into Ho Ching’s Facebook profile found that her spamming behaviour increased after Lee Hsien Loong’s prostate removal operation in 2015. Questioning her mental health is important to knowing whether the CPF funds are in safe hands, or in the hands of a dishonest maniac trying to cover up her investment losses by compelling her partner in bed to increase taxes. Unfortunately for Singaporeans, the opacity of the national reserves along with the nepotism at play could only suggest the latter.