Photo of Masagos Zulkifli from PAP

Minister for Environment and Water Masagos Zukifli told Parliament yesterday (Mar 7) that Singaporeans have over-achieved the 2020 target of 147 litres per capita water use, with only 143 litres usage last year in 2017. However, the 30% water price hike must increase nonetheless:

“Each person in Singapore used 5 litres less water a day last year than the year before – a sharp drop that exceeds the Government’s 2020 per capita water use target. Daily household water consumption per person fell from 148 litres in 2016 to 143 litres last year. This means the government target of 147 litres by 2020 has already been achieved.”

However, the second water price raise in July will not be removed.

In last year’s Budget, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced that water prices in Singapore will go up by 30 per cent increase over two phases. The first was implemented last July. The second will kick in in July this year. The PAP government said increase water prices will help them to “recognise the value of water” and build more water supply facilities.

The 30% water price increase is a pre-funding, like the latest airport charges for Terminal 5, for Lee Hsien Loong’s 6.9 million population target in 2030.

Prime Minister’s two pet projects, Terminal 5 and 6.9 million population, have raised the cost of living through new and hefty tax increases in recent years. Despite growing resentment against the Prime Minister and his 2% GST increase, the dictator said he will not step down.