Photo from Straits Times

A multi-millionaire from China was stripped of his Singapore citizenship after he was found to have submitted fake qualifications and falsified documents. The former China’s 70th richest man in 2007, obtained his Singapore citizenship in 2002. In 2010, he was jailed in China for tax evasion, and in 2016, he was investigated for fraud and had his Singapore passport impounded by the Chinese authorities.

The millionaire then entered Vietnam illegally and reported to the Singapore consular that he lost his Singapore passport. However when he was asked how he had entered Vietnam, the millionaire paid 55,000 yuan (S$11,336) to a Vietnamese woman to get a Hong Kong passport and a plane ticket to Singapore.

Mick Davies successfully entered Singapore on the fake Hong Kong passport and the Singapore immigration only realised the passport was fake two weeks later. He is currently on trial for multiple immigration offences and will be deported to China to face fraud charges once his Singapore citizenship is stripped.

Formerly known as Lan Shi Li, the Chinese millionaire changed his name to Mick Davies in 2014. The Ministry of Home Affairs said Mick Davies is deemed “not conducive to the public good”, and issued a Notice of Proposed Deprivation, a letter to revoke his citizenship.