Photo of crowded MRT train taken today from Straits Times

In an announcement by Manpower Ministry today (Mar 5), the income cap for Employment Act will be removed, allowing professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) to be able to claim overtime payments under the Employment Act (EA). Other employment benefits like seeking redress for wrongful dismissal, public holiday and sick leave entitlements, timely payment of salaries and allowable deductions:

“Our workforce is changing fast, we now have more PMETs , and fewer rank-and-files. This trend will continue. … With PMETs making up 56 per cent of the local workforce now, going up to 65 per cent by around 2030, it is timely to make a more fundamental change to the coverage of EA.”

The revised EA will only take effect in April 2019, shortly before the next General Election is due.

However, “non-workmen” -consists mostly of office clerks – earning S$2,600 and above would still be excluded from the revised EA.

The Manpower Ministry claimed that the revised EA will benefit 530,000 employees, both local and foreign.

Public servants, domestic workers and seafarers will also still be excluded from the EA.