Photo of Eugene Tan from CNA

Former PAP Nominated MP Eugene Tan told state media papers that Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat can lodge a complaint to Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan Jin, who can in turn set up a Select Committee to prosecute WP MP Sylvia Lim for “abusing her parliamentary privilege”.

Chinese papers LianHe ZaoBao reported that ex-PAP NMP Eugene Tan said:

“The nature of this case is different from MP Leon Perera’s earlier apology, which was resulted from a false statement. MP Sylvia Lim’s comments are personal and this is allowed in Parliament. However, if Sylvia Lim does not apologise or retract her statements, the Finance Minister can lodge a complaint to the Speaker of Parliament. The Parliament’s Select Committee will investigate whether she has abused her parliamentary privilege.”

Earlier in January. Workers’ Party Leon Perera made a statement in Parliament pointing out that state media Mediacorp edited parliamentary footage to suit the ruling party’s political agenda. Mediacorp subsequently corrected their video footage, saying that it was a technical glitch. The opposition MP was then threatened with legal actions and forced to apologise 3 times in Parliament.

Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat lost a debate in Parliament to MP Sylvia Lim over the GST increase. Unhappy with his loss, the Finance Minister in his private statement demanded that MP Sylvia Lim apologise a day later. The Workers’ Party said that they have no intention to respond to the Finance Minister.