Nomination Day crowd of Lee Hsien Loong's supporters

Budget 2018 is prudent and responsible? An outright lie, if one even bother to read into the balance sheet. I have a shock of my life reading how much the PAP government spent in a SINGLE year:

1) S$9.4 million on a useless puppet President (what does Halimah Yacob even need to spend on)
2) S$13 billion on Pension Funds for Ministers (considering that the pension scheme has been scrapped, why is this fund higher than the Healthcare budget)
3) 20% increase in spending to a cool S$182 million by the Attorney General Chambers (well done Lucien Wong)
4) S$555 million in increased spending by Defence Ministry to a record S$14.7 billion Defence Budget (this is 2.7 times above Malaysia’s $5.3 billion Defence spending)
5) 14.7% jump in Ministry of Finance spending (the second largest year-to-year increase in all ministries, the first being Transport)
6) 2.4% reduction of Ministry of Health spending (now you have concrete proof they are lying when they said healthcare expenditures are rising over the roof)
7) S$1 billion propaganda budget for Ministry of Communications and Information
8) 95.4% increase in spending on Lee Hsien Loong’s Prime Minister Office from S$414 million in FY2016 to S$809 million in FY2017
9) 52.6% increase in spending to S$13.7 billion for the Transport Ministry due to legal corruption scheme i.e. New Rail Financing Framework
10) 90.6% reduction in statutory board’s contribution to tax revenue (S$4.4 billion is missing, wtf happened?!)

FY2018 spendings screenshot

STR Editor
Alex Tan