Photo of Lee Hsien Loong at PAP Convention from CNA

Writing on his Facebook page praising his own Budget, dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong wrote that GST is “fair and progressive” and that he will “help the poor”:

“The Government plans to increase GST from 7% to 9% sometime between 2021 to 2025. This will be done in a fair and progressive manner, and we will help households to cope with this change, especially poorer households.”

Offering no insight or figures to back up his claims, the Prime Minister happily sang about how the new Budget would “build a better future” for Singapore and ignored the effect that Singaporeans would be S$1,000 poorer from 2018 onward. There is no address on existing criticisms like having a benchmark for Carbon Tax and why does the country has to raise the GST when it is sitting on a S$9.6 billion surplus.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is expected to step down by the 2020 elections, and the GST increase is timed to ensure his new successor would not suffer from the political backlash. The dictator PM is believe he, like is father, is hugely popular with Singaporeans, based off his Facebook likes, and that Singaporeans would not take any action to unseat his government in the next election.

The next Prime Minister is likely to be Minister Chan Chun Sing, a former army general loyal to the powerful Lee family. Minister Chan Chun Sing would be directly controlled by Lee Hsien Loong, who would be self-promoted to the Mentor Minister position like his father. The PM’s son, Li Hong Yi, is currently a director with the propaganda ministry, Ministry of Information and Communications, and he would be the subsequent Prime Minister of the dictatorship after Chan Chun Sing.