Photo of Charles Chong from Facebook

Despite being proven to using a “missing S$22.5 million” lie to win his Punggol East election in 2015, PAP MP Charles Chong now hit back calling independent accountant KPMG a “fake news”. Just last week (Feb 15), KPMG cleared the Workers Party-held Aljunied-Hougang Town Council of any wrongdoing and concluded that all funds have been accounted for. However when interviewed by state media Straits Times, PAP MP Charles Chong insisted that the KPMG report is wrong:

“In 2015, the WP-run town council’s financial statements were all qualified by their own auditors. Consequently, there were no reliable figures to adequately account for the moneys that were transferred to them by Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council after the by-election in 2013.”

The PAP MP, who is also the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, did not explain why he continued his delusion about a “missing S$22.5 million”. PAP MP Charles Chong, a member of the Select Committee on Online Falsehoods, also did not explain why did he quoted the missing funds as an election campaign to win votes. The PAP MP narrowly won by 3.52% because of the lie he fabricated against his opponent contestant Lee Li Lian.

PAP MP Charles Chong then digressed from the interview and pointed at a S$33 million lawsuit, launched by a PAP-controlled committee and the PAP Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC Town Council:

“Key office holders of AHTC will still have to account for more than $33 million spent by AHPETC and to recover any amounts overpaid when the suit brought by the independent panel on behalf of AHTC comes up in court later this year.”

No action has been taken against PAP MP Charles Chong, as no one, including the Opposition, dare make a police report against the powerful PAP MP. Lodging a corruption allegation police report against a PAP MP will instead warrant a defamation lawsuit against the complainant.