Photo of Josephine Teo from Straits Times

In a state media interview with Today (Feb 9), Minister of State Josephine Teo said that she is currently “studying” how to force self-employed Singaporeans like taxi drivers to pay CPF.

“The tripartite workgroup is studying to make self-employed Singaporeans pay CPF so they can build up their retirement nest egg.”

The PAP Minister also complained about self-employed Singaporeans not paying CPF Medisave, noting that the number “is quite high”.

When questioned why can’t Singapore have a Minimum Wage system which provides compensation insurance and pension fund contribution for self-employed like Australia, Minister Josephine Teo said that she thinks CPF is still the best:

“I think our context is different from those other countries. In our case, the CPF system works very well. I think there is a general consensus that if there is anything you want to do, it should be more to help bring the freelancers within the CPF system.”

The PAP Minister then said that many unemployed were unable to find employment because of their “attitude”:

“There are some attitudes that Singapore employers and workers take that do not help the situation. Essentially, it is the desire for stability or a certain unwillingness to change… The workers may think, maybe we do not have to move out of a particular job or sector yet.”