Photo of elderly Singaporean with Lee Hsien Loong portrait

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong defended Singapore’s income inequality in a Parliamentary reply yesterday (Feb 5) saying that it motivates Singaporeans to work harder:

“Some degree of income inequality is natural in any economy. It gives people the motivation to strive to do their best and improve their lives.”

At S$2.2 million a year, the most expensive Prime Minister in the world used his fake statistics, claiming that Singapore’s income inequality is only 0.402 “after government taxes and transfers”. This contradicts the official figure of 0.467:

“Income inequality in Singapore has declined slightly over the past decade. The Gini coefficient fell from 0.470 in 2006 to 0.458 in 2016 – and further to 0.402 after accounting for Government taxes and transfers. While Singapore’s Gini coefficient is higher than that of many other advanced countries, it is is similar to or lower than other large metropolitan centres such as Beijing, London and New York.”

The scion of the powerful Lee family also refused to take set up a ministerial committee to address income inequality, saying that existing measures is sufficient and refused to acknowledge the danger of income inequality:

“A specific committee is not necessary since government ministries already seek to tackle these challenges in a concerted and coordinated effort.”

The PM however paid lips service to addressing income inequality, saying that “politics will turn vicious, society will fracture and country will wither”:

“Singapore’s politics will turn vicious, its society will fracture and the country will wither if it allows widening income inequalities to create a rigid and stratified social system. The issues of mitigating income inequality, ensuring social mobility and enhancing social integration are critical. This is why this Government will strive to keep all Singaporeans – regardless of race, language, religion or social background – together.”