Photo of Lee Bee Wah from Facebook

In an interview with state media ChannelNewsAsia (CNA), PAP MP Lee Bee Wah called for Singaporeans to stop asking the government for money to help the poor and instead they should volunteer their own resources:

“We shouldn’t run to the government all the time. I think as a society, if those who can afford it can come forward to help their fellow neighbours, it will be even more meaningful. We shouldn’t run to the government all the time…I think if you were to look at the Budget for the last few years, the expenses of the various ministries have gone up quite a fair bit. Every ministry has its own priorities, its own budget to work with. Of course if we can get the money from the Government to help, that’ll be good, but if the government cannot help, that doesn’t mean that’s the end. We can also help our own neighbours, our own residents. In the end, the budget must be balanced. If we want to continue with giving out more subsidies, then the government’s income will have to increase as well.”

The shameless PAP MP also defended herself against criticisms pointing out that she was taking credits of Joseph Schooling’s Olympic gold medal. The Singapore government did not pay a single cent in Joseph Schooling’s training:

“Maybe I was just very happy and posted very fast. But it is a fact that I have spoken in parliament several times about him too. Of course. I know the parents put in a lot of effort. I never said that I did it for them. It is just that when the parents discussed their problems with me, I brought it up in parliament.”

The Malaysian-turned-Singaporean PAP MP also defended her atrocious Chinese-accented English, and said that it is not important a MP has to speak well:

“The lessons were not very regular and language is something that you need to practise. For example, a lot of people think that my English is quite odd. I don’t speak English fluently like a lot of Singaporeans. It is because I studied in a primary school that was Chinese-based. We only started English lessons in Primary Three. It was only when I came to Singapore and studied in the university that I picked up English. That is why in most of my speeches, the words I use are very simple. Language is for communication. So long as when I speak, you understand what I’m trying to tell you, I think it serves a purpose. Do you want an MP who speaks very good English or do you want an MP who really dares to fight for you? If residents can think about me and say that they’ve never had such an action-driven MP, that’s good enough for me. I want them to think of me as having made a difference in their lives, in their living environment.”

PAP MP Lee Bee Wah is a corrupted MP who tender for lucrative construction projects in her constituency using her own company.