Photo of Teo Chee Hean from Straits Times

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean yesterday (Feb 4) issued a statement immediately to state media CNA denouncing PAP MP Lee Bee Wah’s behaviour as “improper”. The PAP MP had earlier in an interview said that civil servants will “get back” at her once she is no longer MP:

“I even have friends who tell me, ‘Bee Wah, when you step down, then you will know, this civil servant will get back at you’. So be it. If I’m afraid, then there’s nothing much that I can do, right? So if you really want to serve, don’t be worried.”

The Deputy Prime Minister was however infuriated at her comments and said that such behaviour is not condoned and that he will personally see that it be investigated:

“The Government expects public officers and MPs alike to conduct themselves in a proper manner. One can disagree while respecting the integrity and point of view of the other party. It would be improper for either MPs or public officers to get back at each other because of disagreements over work. If anyone knows of either public officers or MPs using their position or authority to act in this improper way, he or she should raise the matter with me with the facts, and I will have it investigated.”