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According to the latest crime stats by the Singapore Police yesterday (Feb 3), molest cases in public transport spiked up 60.5% in a single year to 207 cases in 2017 from 129 cases in 2016. The police has seen increased police patrols in public transport and put up warning labels of molesters.

Many molesters have took advantage of the broken train system by rubbing themselves against their victims in overcrowded train cabins and platforms. The figures are expected to be higher as many cases go unreported, as many molest victims feel embarrassed voicing out.

Apart from labelling molest as one of the three “crimes of concern”, the police also highlighted a 29.9% increase in internet love scams where singles were cheated into transferring money to scammers met through social networks. A total of 825 cases were reported in 2017, involving S$37 million, with a particular single involving S$6 million alone.

E-commence scams were also flagged as a concern at 1,961 cases, totalling S$1.4 million. Illegal money-lending activities also increased 12.3% to 3,806 cases in 2017. More loansharks are turning to “electronic” harassment via SMS, instead of property damages like vandalism.