Photo of Outram Park crowd from Twitter

When confronted by the public why is the 500m-long queue barely moving at Outram Park station everyday, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) pointed its finger at Chinese New Year:

“LTA and both EWL and NEL operators have assessed that the swell in footfall during the evening hours last week is likely due to more commuters transferring between the two lines at Outram Park MRT station as a result of the festive activities in the vicinity ahead of Chinese New Year.”

However, the Chinese New Year was more than a month away when commuters started complaining about the overcrowding.

The LTA refused to acknowledge the country is overcrowded and said that they will add signage, traffic marshals and barricades to segregate traffic flow “by next week”.

Outram Park station is a major interchange accommodating 3 train lines – East-West, North-East, Thomson. The station already has a 300m-long tunnel that was designed to alleviate commuter crowd, but according to commuters, everyone would be stuck at the tunnel for 5 to 10 minutes.

Singapore currently have a 5.78 million population, but Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong intends to increase the population to 6.9 million by 2030.