Photo of Lee Hsien Loong and Ho Ching from Facebook

Getting angry over train breakdowns or increasing taxes?

Criticise the government online now while you can because Law Minister K Shanmugam has in his sleeve to ban criticisms. The setup is ready, the Select Committee is ready, the Parliament is ready and all they need is sending the police officers to arrest the first “monkey” who probably wrote that K Shanmugam is a treacherous snake. It is just a matter of time Singapore becomes totalitarian as Lee Hsien Loong badly wanted a legacy like his father. Lee Hsien Loong wants people to cry louder at his state funeral like his father’s, and he also wants his son Li Hongyi to be the next Prime Minister.

You can’t call them “corrupted” for drawing the world’s highest salaries, you can’t punish them because they control even the judiciary and the President, and neither can you vote them out because the election laws are written in their favour or maybe the election result is a fraud. Temasek Holdings can lose billions of CPF money or even one day they decided to not return your CPF. So what redress does Singaporeans have against the ruling party PAP? Truthfully speaking, none.

The lack of avenues to feedback negatively resulted in the loss of respect for the Ministers and these are apparently giving them headaches. They can’t rest well knowing that there are a thousand commentators behind their back badmouthing their every move, and the issue is they are getting desperate – or desperate enough to pay “social media influencers” S$1,000 each to praise them.

As of now, disrespecting a Minister is still legal, until Lee Hsien Loong one day decided he had enough and extend the lese majesty law (a law making it a crime to insult the monarchy). Yes you heard me right: extend. Do you know that insulting Lee Kuan Yew warrants a jail sentence under a new law written in 2016?

  • The name or image or likeness of Mr Lee should be accorded dignity and respect.

Even at official-demarcated rallies like at the Nomination centres, do you know that you will also be arrested for “public nuisance”?

Photo of armoured vehicles outside Nomination Centre from CNA

Two trucks of armoured vehicles and hundreds of policemen were on standby during Halimah Yacob’s recent Nomination Day, ready to arrest any hecklers who intend to stage the same ruckus as they did for Tony Tan.

Aside from their usual legal arsenals like defamation lawsuits and the abuse of the Internal Security Department (now taken up by the Special Investigation Section of the Police), the ruling party also hired paid trolls to harass critics and disrupt discussions on public forums.

It is increasingly suffocating in Singapore as the years goes by, and it will only get worse as the ruling party lose popularity further. There is no stopping, this is how they have always operated.

So Singaporeans, before the ruling party regime take away your right, insult them all you can now.