Photo of Halimah Yacob from Straits Times

Halimah Yacob will be going on a week’s overseas holidays to enjoy her S$1.54 million-a-year presidential salaries from today (Jan 28) to Monday (Feb 5). The useless puppet president of dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will be handing over her presidential powers to fellow Lee crony, J Y Pillay, chairman of the Council of Presidential Advisers.

Before going on her holiday trip, Halimah Yacob spoke at an event passing some motherhood statements on safe topics like racial harmony, national service and terrorism:

“Whether it is within their housing estates, in national service, hawker centres or schools, Singaporeans of all races and religions should reach out to one another to forge a spirit of mutual respect. The different communities need to have open and candid discussions on issues of race and religion, saying that while they are always sensitive, that does not mean we do not talk about them and seek to better understand each other’s perspective… The Government’s effort – through policies such as the Housing Board’s ethnic integration policy, and engagements led by the National Steering Committee on Racial and Religious Harmony – alone is not enough, as issues like terrorism and extremism pose a new challenge for Singapore. Our people can only be united if each of us shares the responsibility of upholding social harmony and building social cohesion. Our society is strong when we support each other, regardless of race, language or religion, whether in peacetime or in a crisis.”

Halimah Yacob is largely disrespected by Singaporeans because she did not win her election legitimately. The former PAP MP had to convert her race from Indian to Malay through a special committee, resigned from her PAP MP post only a month before contesting for her election was given support from the Election Department, which helped to disqualify her two contestant opponents and awarded her an undemocratic walkover win. To worsen the corruption, her vacant PAP MP post is not put up for a by-election.

Despite having custodial powers over CPF and the national reserves, the President was silent on the high profile corruption case at Keppel which costed the CPF funds hundreds of millions in returns. Halimah Yacob was also sneakily quiet when Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong raised Minimum Sum to S$181,000 earlier in the month.