According to interviews with food stall owners by Chinese papers Shin Ming Ri Bao, prostitutes are now openly canvassing for business in Little India’s Tekka Food Centre. Reporters confirmed the sightings over two weekend mornings and many prostitutes were seen targeting men drinking alcohol at the food centre.

The prostitutes seen were in their 20s and 30s, and appear to be foreigners. They wear revealing dresses and openly seduced the men, who are mostly foreign workers and old men, by openly flirting, hugging, kissing and touching them. Once a “deal” is negotiated, the duo will proceed to a budget hotel in the vicinity. According to the food stall owners, the prostitutes would start gathering as early as 7am until 6pm every weekend. There is an evening alcohol ban in Little India following a riot incident in 2013.

The food stall owners complained that their businesses are affected by as much as 40% by the rampant prostitution. There were also incidents of prostitutes fighting in the food centre that alerted the police. The Singapore Police appear to be aware of the ongoing prostitution at the food centre due to the fighting incidents, but the illegal vice activities carried on.