Photo of Singapore airlines from Wikipedia

Customers of Singapore’s national airlines, SIA, have been angered when they realise they have been charged with travel insurance only after they made payment for normal tickets. According to the disgruntled customers, SIA refused to issue refunds and instead directed them to get a refund from the travel insurance company. Many customers ended up cancelling their flights with SIA and chose to fly other airlines.

A SIA spokesperson however defended their dodgy sales practice and even blamed the customers for not opening their eyes wide enough before clicking payment:

“The inclusion of insurance is clearly displayed, the cost is reflected in the booking summary panel at the payment page, and customers can opt out if they do not wish to add the insurance to their booking.”

This is the second time SIA is taking headlines for slipping in hidden prices in their sales transactions. Two weeks ago, the airline was forced to absorb credit card charges after customers were only made aware of the charges after they saw their credit card bill.