According to a traveller’s observation, an elderly cleaner is always found stationed inside the toilet of every Singapore airport terminals. The cleaner, who was described as “easily above 65 years old”, was seen taking a break inside the toilet.

“In every toilet at T3 & T4 is an old male cleaner. He is stationed inside the toilet, at all times during the day. Is this necessary? It is so ironic that we spend millions and millions on shiny (literally) buildings and terminals, and then have our elderly folks stand guard inside the toilets, ever ready to clean up after others, so we can boast and show to visitors how clean our toilets are? Such a sad scene everytime I visit the airport toilets. The old man, easily above 65, I saw yesterday at T3 was sleeping on the bench inside the toilet, clearly drained from the physical work. I’ve been to quite a few countries and I’ve never seen such a sight. Not in Japan. Not in Korea. Not in Taiwan. Not in China. Not in Australia. Not in the UK. Not in India. Not anywhere.”

The question posted on Facebook went viral with many commentators pointing out the failures of the CPF system and the sorry state of retirement in Singapore today.

A commentator also said she always see elderly working menial jobs at the government’s lavish airports:

Sharon Chew It also struck me that there are more and more elderly local folks at Changi airport doing cleaning and other menial jobs – sad phenomenon. 😪

Another commentator who recently visited Singapore also notice the phenomenon:

Neal Capistrano Virtudes Visited singapore last week for 6 six days (conference at Nanyang). It breaks my heart to see this scene not only in the airport but also in fast food chains and malls. 💔