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An Ang Moh writer from UK holding permanent residency in Singapore told state media CNA in an interview that Singaporeans should “get a grip” and not be “strawberries who complain about the MRT being four minutes late”. Neil Humphreys, from UK London, complained to the state media about Singaporeans complaining:

“Singaporeans take this for granted. I grew up in England. I was mugged twice. A friend of mine was killed in a nightclub incident, so I don’t take things for granted. When I say this in colleges here, I get the collective eye roll of restless 18-year olds who cannot wait to leave the boring, sterile Singapore. Leave. Explore the world and then see if you still take Singapore for granted. We’ve become a ‘strawberry country’. We complain about the MRT being four minutes late. Guys, get a grip. See what’s happening just in the neighbouring countries before you wreak havoc on social media. When we start to see alarming levels of inconsistency with the public transport system, that is different. But if it’s just a little late, is it so bad?”

The foreigner who lived in Singapore for several years called himself a Singaporean, even though he has never served National Service or any intention to. Giving an excuse saying that he is “too old” for NS, the foreigner however talked about how “assimilated” he is and how he “does everything else Singaporean”:

“I pay my taxes. I get all mushy on National Day. I cried when Joseph Schooling won the gold medal. If Singapore plays England, in any sport, I want Singapore to win.”