Photo of elderly boarding SBS bus from SilverAlly

Government’s stat board Public Transport Council (PTC) has raised elderly travel pass by 50% from S$40 a month to S$60 a month. The price increase was opposed by many Singaporean elderly who complained that the price increase is too much. However, PTC defended the fare hike claiming it was only a “2-year trial”:

“A two-year trial, which ended last month, allowed elderly commuters who carried the pass to make unlimited bus and train rides during off-peak hours on weekdays, as well as all day on weekends and public holidays. Elderly commuters can now buy the Senior Citizen Monthly Concession Pass, which includes peak-period coverage – but costs $60.”

The elderly citizens who use the travel pass consist of those who have to work at their age. The price increase will increase their cost of living burden in the world’s most expensive country.

PTC claimed that they are not raising fares, but instead shutting down the “trial” travel pass. The PTC then directed the elderly to pay S$60 for a concession pass.

“Senior citizens with concession cards can continue to enjoy a discount of around 25 per cent off adult card fares, depending on the travel distance. Those travelling pre-peak will also enjoy a 25 per cent discount off the lower pre-peak fares. The Senior Citizen Monthly Concession Pass is half the price of its adult equivalent.”