After reducing weekend operational hours for Sundays starting Dec 2017, SMRT today (Jan 19) announced that it will be cutting service hours further in March. 35 stations on the East-West Line (EWL) will see closing hours as soon as 10.30pm on weekdays starting March.

Shuttle bus services will be available but passengers will have to pay full train fares for the train-replacement busses.

SMRT also announced that they will be introducing longer delays in train intervals on the North-South Line (NSL). Train services running between Orchard and Marina South Pier stations will see train frequency as slow as 15 minutes in February:

Although the Singapore government increased railway fares by 4.2% in the last fare revision, there is no mention why train fares should not be reduced to meet the corresponding reduced operating hours. Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan has in recent months been dodging the media and not making speeches to address the worsening state of rail reliability.